Just before lockdown in 2020, two curved wooden benches outside the entrance of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery were vandalised beyond repair. They were registered War Memorials that commemorated the Bristol postal workers who lost their lives during the Second World War. For more than 70 years they had been popular and convenient resting spots, but unfortunately such was the damage that they had to be removed entirely.

In July 2022, thanks to funding from the Post Office Remembrance Fellowship, two new benches were installed. Bronze commemorative plaques have been set into the pavement, reading: “Presented to the Citizens of Bristol by the staff of the Bristol Post Office in memory of their colleagues who gave their lives in the Second World War”, and the role of PORF in funding the benches is recorded on each of them.

The involvement of Post Office workers on the Home Front during WW2 is an excellent example of British wartime civilians ‘doing their bit’ with considerable bravery and sacrifice. It fully justifies special recognition, and these benches are reminders of their valuable contribution to the war effort. The PORF is delighted to have had the opportunity to fund this project.

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